Welcome to Visiting-Vidin

Is a family run organisation based in the Vidin region which was established by a couple from England to help the people of this region; to improve the quality of life, raise aspirations and hopefully inspire the young people of this region whilst at the same time helping those wish to visit. Visiting-Vidin has two key objectives:

1. To design, organise and promote ‘experiential’ holidays to the Vidin region
For the discerning traveller who would like a totally new experience taking a holiday in the Vidin region in north-west Bulgaria may offer a stimulating alternative. Vidin does have plenty to offer the tourist who wishes to see and experience something a little off the beaten track. By choosing to participate in our individually designed holidays you will also be contributing towards the benefit of the local people. Holidays have been carefully and individually designed. The itineraries have been crafted around the central theme of each week. Not only do we care about the needs of the visitor but we have also taken the local people into consideration.

2. To help those who are looking to move to this region
Moving from one location to another can be daunting; but moving from one country to another can be a totally different ball game! We firmly believe that our help will be extremely useful for those may be considering or are even in the process of relocating to the Vidin region in Bulgaria. As with any city or town there are good points and some not so good. We have five years of experience to draw from.  As a group of ‘Ex-pats’ we have spent money and time dealing with a number of regional workers and experts; some of which could have been saved. Local advice from someone who has lived ‘through it’ is invaluable. Our advice and guidance will hopefully cover legal matters, bureaucracy, local taxes, translation barriers, builders, mechanics, etc, etc. Our key aim is to save people both time and money.

Any profits made will go towards helping our charity Phoenix Inspire www.phoenix-inspirebg.org which was created in 2009 specifically to help the people of this area

Visiting-Vidin is affiliated with the Bulgarian travel company Rual Travel www.incomingbulgaria.com. Rual Travel Ltd, Tour operator registration No 00062, 113 G.S. Rakovski Street, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria. Bulstat number 121855480 

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