Albena Darakchieva

 Albena Darakchieva is born on 4th of May, 1969. She has graduated English language school and Albena has a PhD degree in Philosophy.  Albena accomplished her higher education with a gold medal for being an excellent student. Her dissertation is about virtual reality in the terms of art. Albena has been a visiting scholar in USA for 15 months.

Albena also has qualifications in the spheres of Theology, Psychology and Pedagogic. Albena has been a teacher in English for 13 years, working with people aged 6 to 66.

Albena is now working in tourism.  Albena has been working as a tourist logistic manager for a tour operator for the last 10 years.  Albena has dealt with tourists from all over the world.

Albena is our translator and an English tutor where required.

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