Vasil Velkov Dimitrov

Vasil Velkov Dimitrov is born on 11 December, 1965, in Vidin Town, Bulgaria. In 1984, he has graduated Art School in Plovdiv Town, Bulgaria. In 1993 Vasil has graduated the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, with specialization in art,
painting, mosaic, icon painting.

Vasil has a distinguisted career as theatre designer at the Drama Theater of Vidin.

Since 1994 Vasil has been employed as a teacher of Arts, Painting and Iconography at “St.St. Cyril and Methodius” School in Vidin.

Vasil has had 16 individual exhibitions in Vidin, Sofia and Plovdiv.  Vasil has participated in joint exhibitions here in Bulgaria as well as international exhibitions in Serbia and Macedonia.

In 1997 he was honored 'Artist of the year' for cultural activities by the mayor of Vidin.

Some of Vasil's works are on display in Mexico, Italy, Spain, America, Australia, Germany and others.

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